keeping traditional scottish music alive since September 1974

Keeping traditional Scottish music Alive since 1974

Management Committee  2018-19
Pics and bios to follow

President - Peter Duguid - Pic to follow

The Society has given me great opportunities and loads of encouragement to develop my fiddle playing, and for that I am very grateful. It was a long held ambition of mine to make my Grandpa's fiddle sing again, and now it does.

Vice President - Mary Milne - picture and bio to follow

Musical Director - Scott Band - 

Probably one of our youngest musical directors. He has been our musical director for around 10 years now. He has done several broadcasts on Take the floor on Radio Scotland. 

Treasurer, Librarian & webmaster - Paul Kinnear

Paul has been treasure and librarian for many years. Altough my main focus is the accordion I played the fiddle between the age of 8-18 attaining grade 5 Violin and Grade 8 theory. I also have an O grade in Music. I have been a member of the Orchestra since the tender age of 13.

Secretarial - Mhairi Douglas

Secretarial - Anne Hamilton

Ordinary Member - Colin Cosgrove

Ordinary Member - Mhairi McSween - pic and bio to follow

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