keeping traditional scottish music alive since September 1974

Keeping traditional Scottish music Alive since 1974

Management Committee 2017/18 
Pics and bios to follow

President - Peter Duguid

The Society has given me great opportunities and loads of encouragement to develop my fiddle playing and for that I am very grateful. It was a long held ambition of mine to be able to make my Grandpa's fiddle sing again and now and again it does! 

Vice - President - Mary Milne - biography and picture to follow



Musical Director - Scott Band

Probably one of our youngest Musical Directors. He has been our musical director for over 5 years now. More recently he was on "Take the Floor" with his own Band for BBC Radio Scotland. Amusingly he shares a birthday with the deputy Musical director, who is 18 years his Senior.

Treasurer, Librarian and Webmaster- Paul Kinnear:

 I have been treasurer for many years, and librarian for over 5. I have been playing the accordion since the age of 6, and a fact little known by members of DSRS I played the fiddle from about the age of 8 - 18. (Unfortunately my fiddle has not seen the light of day for around 20 years). I have passed Grade 5 Violin and Grade 8 Music Theory, and have an "O" grade in Music. I have been a member of the DSRS from the age of 13. I traveled to both London and Germany with DSRS, and have also been a member of the 2 incarnations of the Dundee Accordion Band during the 1980's and more recently in the 2000's.


 Secretarial - Mhairi Douglas - biography to follow

Secretarial - Morag Sutherland 

Hi! I've been a member of the society since January 2011, not long after retiring from teaching in Dundee. Having learned to play the violin at school from age 9 -19, I neglected it almost entirely until joining the society. (I did try to relearn when my daughter was learning but she quickly overtook me.) From time to time it came out of the case but usually went back in pretty quickly as I was disgusted with the sounds that were produced! Since joining the society I have really begun to enjoy playing again - even taking lessons with the hope of improving. I love playing at the varied events the Society undertakes and have made new friends and grown in confidence. It's fun, it's stimulating and I would recommend it to anyone who plays an instrument or enjoys listening to traditional Scottish music. Being on the committee in a secretarial capacity will be a new role for me and I'm looking forward to the challenge

Ordinary Member - Anne Hamilton - picture and biography to follow

Ordinary Member - Mhairi McSween- picture and biography to follow


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