keeping traditional scottish music alive since September 1974

Keeping traditional Scottish music Alive since 1974

Musical Direction

Scott Band 

Probably one of our youngest Musical Directors. He has been our musical director for over 10 years now. More recently he was on "Take the Floor" with his own Band for BBC Radio Scotland. Amusingly he shares a birthday with the deputy Musical director, who is 18 years his Senior.

Paul Kinnear 

 I have been playing the accordion since I was 6, and a fact little known by some members  is that I played the fiddle from about the age of 8 - 18.(Unfortunately my fiddle has not seen the light of day for over 20 years). I passed Grade 5 Violin & Grade 8 Music Theory, and an "O" grade in Music. I have been a member of the DSRS since I was 13 - (not that many years then) . I have travelled to both London and Germany with DSRS, and have also been a member of 2 incarnations of the Dundee Accordion Band during the 1980's and more recently in the 2000's

Leader of the Orchestra: - Fiona Robb


Picture and Biography to Follow

Deputy Leader of the Orchestra - Helen Edgar

I started playing piano at the age of 7, and took up the fiddle a couple of years later, encouraged greatly by my grandfather who played with the Edinburgh SRS. We spent early family holidays in Taynuilt with a certain Shaw family, where there were many ceilidhs and impromptu music sessions. Scottish traditional music is very important to me. However, I took the classical route and continued playing both instruments (and different recorders until secondary school) , taking part in Perth Music Festival in solo classes and as part of many groups.  I have performed on the grand piano at Perth City Hall! I was part of Perth Youth Orchestra for several years, partaking in one of their many European tours. After secondary school, I went to Napier University, Edinburgh, to study music and graduated with a BMus(Hons), followed by a year at Moray House, University of Edinburgh, studying towards my PGCE (Music). I spent my first year teaching back in Perth, playing for a season in Perth Symphony Orchestra. I have been teaching Music at Monifieth High School since 2004. I finally joined Dundee SRS in 2017. We look forward to playing the Slow Air that Helen has composed in Ian Rattray's memory

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